The BIOMED2020 conference topics are:

  • Multidisciplinary Approaches of Modern Science

  • Polyprofilе Medicine

  • Biomedicine, Biorheology and Biotechnology

  • Biochemistry and Biophysics in Fundamental and Applied Medicine. Micro- and Nanobiomechanics

  • Innovative Methods. Bioinformatics. Biological Models. Mathematical Models, etc.

  • Economic and Strategic Aspects of Biomedicine

  • Blockchain and programming languages ​​in Мedicine. Digital Medicine. Chatbots

  • The Role of Biomaterials in Biomedicine

  • Theoretical, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology

  • Radiology and Radiation Safety

  • Nutritionology. Food, Biologically Active Substances, Medicines and Health

  • Medical Physics. Medical chemistry

  • Evidence Medicine. Medical and Biological Statistics

  • Health Care and Policy

  • Clustering in Biomedicine.  Management systems in Biomedicine Areal.  Strategic Communication in Biomedicine. 

  • Ethics.  Informed consent. Doctor-Patient relationship. Strategy and using instruments for Conflict avoidance

  • Grant application. Grant Management. Funding science. Donors. Sponsors

  • The brain and its functioning

- Sleep-wakefulness Cycle

- Pain and analgesia

- Behavioral and cognitive functions

- Stress

- Experimental and clinical neurology

- Neurophysiology

- Ultra - and Nanoarchitectonics.

  • Мental health. Defectology

  • Cell Membranes, Structures and Function. Mechanisms of Aggregation and Deformation. Genome

  • Blood, Blood Flow. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathophysiology of Blood Circulation

  • Mechanisms of Thrombus and Stasis Formation

  • Theoretical Hemodynamics and Hemorheology

  • Clinical Hemorheology 

  • Rheology of Petroleum Products, Oils, Food and Construction Materials

  • Neonatology. Pediatrics.

  • Gerontology and Geriatrics

  • New Approaches and Challenges for the Medical Education System

  • Authorization, Certification, Licensing Issues in Health Care Institutions, University 

  • etc.


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